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Why Zurich Pride is the perfect successor of the Frauen*streik

Yesterday, thousands of women in Switzerland took to the streets to demonstrate for equal rights. Here, I don’t want to repeat their arguments, because they have already articulated them better than I ever could. Instead, I wanted to hit pause and think about a few key moments in my life that make me wholeheartedly support the cause all these people yesterday went to the streets for. Injustice.   After my first year at university, I applied for an exchange program in India. The program connected students to NGOs that offer internships. A few months later I was on my way to a small town in rural India together with a fellow student. This is now almost 10 years ago but I will not forget how uncomfortable I felt about the role I was being put in just because of my race and gender. People seemed to naturally expect that I was an expert on the work the NGO did, only because of who I represent. While they wanted my “expert” opinion on a business plan for a community-managed garment