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"Mr. Bensoussan is not with us anymore"

Photo by Jimmy Chan from Pexels Airport Penitentiary Zurich, how can I help you? Hi, this is Tobias Ochsenbein, I’d like to schedule a visit. Sure, who would you like to visit? I would like to visit Ahmed Bensoussan. Let me see, Ahmed Bensoussan. That is not possible, Mr. Bensoussan is not with us anymore. Since January, I have been part of a group of volunteers who visit people in pre-expulsion detention. Regularly, we visit those men and women who have requested a visit from one of us. Our motivation is to lend them an ear and show that there are still people out there who are aware of and empathize with them. While the name above is not real, the conversation is. I had been visiting this man since July and yesterday when I tried to schedule my next visit, this is the answer I got. All my visits end with such a call, without any information as to what has happened or where they have gone. What it usually means is that the government has succeeded in expulsing them to