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Dear Tobias, ...

Last year I went through a phase of change in my career. After realizing that my work at a big consultancy firm was not fulfilling to me and made me feel unhappy, I knew something had to change. To plan my next steps, I went to a career counselor and subsequently decided to quit my job. At the end of 2018, I left my job without yet knowing what my next step would be. Career counseling did not exactly tell me what to do next, but it taught me a few important lessons about myself. Firstly, I wanted to become more conscious of how I was spending my time. Secondly, I wanted to be agile in adjusting my life and make sure I would spend my time in a meaningful way. To achieve this, I came up with a tool I call the "Monthly letter to myself." What it is and does At the start of each month, I write a letter to my future self that I subsequently read and answer at the end of the month. What these letters allow me to do is: To set tangible goals that I want to achieve in th